This site is simply to give expression to my passion for gardening.  I was a gardener in South Africa for 20 years – a climate that is almost a permanent summer compared to the Canadian climate!  I now live and garden in the interior of Canada.  The area has four distinct seasons.  Spring is frenetic activity to take advantage of the short lived summer days which are followed by the fall and shortly thereafter winter, snow and snow shoveling days arrive.  Thus this site allows me to share how I view the Canadian gardening transitions and ideas on the landscaping.

The landscaping ideas are drawn from the ideas gained from my years of having to re-learn gardening.  I have a small garden as do many Canadians, so my ideas and writing are mainly for small gardens.

I explore and share my  backyard gardening ideas including patio design and furniture, deck designs,  and a piece about a pergola  and a gazebo.  All of these can be incorporated into the garden landscape.  I also take into consideration issues such as lawn care, appropriate plants and shrubs.


I really hope you enjoy reading about my ideas and experiences and I look forward to seeing your ideas and experiences!

All the best to you!

Gardening for beginners
spring plants, location, shrubs